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AETA Competition no 2 in Alton is open for entries NOW!
Competitors and Umpires enter Here  

Don't forget that all candidates that will be looking to go for their Black Belt Test in the future need to have entered at least one competition, attended a Seminar and also helped to Umpire or similar to earn enough credits to be elegible.

The Diary for 2019 has been updated - please check regularly:

NOTE- NO CLASSES on the 23rd May - Hall is unavailable. If it's dry on the field then we can train there in trackies. 

Inter Club Competition in Crowborough 19th May 2019:

We had a very low number of student s enter this event, given that this has been in the diary for months now and forms were henaded out weeks in advance!

Well done to:

Milana on getting a Silver in Patterns
Owen on getting Gold in Patterns, Sparring and Special Tech.

Thanks to Dave and Rebecca for helping officiate on the day.

Master Lear came to teach us on 18th May 2019:

Master Lear's hectic diary meant that we had to book this date up back in 2018 and we had a good number of students attend Tenterden in both classes. 
Due to exam revision though, some were unable to attend but we had a good few hours of training.

The kids class had a really good warm-up and then went into some basics with punching, kicking, and blocking techniques, understanding about power and how to generate it. There was so much going on that even from the sidelines it was hard to keep up. Thanks to Mr Kinson and Rebecca for being on hand if any assistance was needed.
A special mention goes out to Charlie, who had literally just turned up for his first ever trial session. He did really well.

The seniors class was tough, not stupidly so but for those of us that spend more time teaching or have been away for or missed a few weeks, it was hard.
Tough warm-up, Burpees are nver one of our favourite things for us older ones. 

Pad work, kicking drills, patterns and some work on basics really put us through our paces and for some of us the warmth in the hall took it's toll. It wasn't a session for anyone struggling with chest infections or anyone that had done any form of activity prior to this session.
It was a really good session though and we really felt like we had been through a workout.

Special mention to Harvey, who did both sessions! Great job!

AETA Annual Seminar on 4th May 2019:

This was our annual seminar run by the senior instructors and assistants for all of our associations student to do something a bit different.
The event is split into kids up to 12yrs and then 12 and overs.

The kids always start off with a fun and brisk warm up and then moved onto some simpe and fun resistance drills, kicking and flying kicks, sparring drills and then got to do a lot of pad work to prepare for their board breaking session.

The senior grades went straight into some weapons defence, sparring and then after lunch, went on to do some breaking and basic fundamentals.

Black Belts stayed on and did some patterns.

We had a good number of students attend this event and the feedback has been really positive.

Colour Belt Grading in Crowborough on the 24th March:

We had 17 students go for their next grade and would like to say well done to:


For those students that were not successful this time, let's rectify the errors and go again in July. You can do it!

AETA League Competition #1 in Redhill on the 17th March:

We had one entrant for the first AETA competition, just got in before the entries closed.
Owen put in a very good account of himself and tried really hard in his 3 events.
I was fortunate to see him in his Patterns and Sparring categories and can say with no bias whatsoever, that he reached a new personal best in terms of performance in both of these events.
Whilst Owen did not get a medal on this occasion, in an exceptionally close group of students, with the amount of effort that he put into the day, one is likely to be hanging round his neck by the end of the year.
It was very nice that another, more senior instructor commented positively on Owen’s performance too!
Well done for entering and even more well done for giving it your all.
Mr H.

ITF International Umpire Course in Cardiff 9th/10th March:

Last weekend 7 members from the AETA attended the Qualifying International Umpire Course (QUIC) in Cardiff Wales.

Master Chesterman, Master Lear, Mr Thompson, Mr Bourne, Mr Edmunds, Mr Fox Longdon and Mr Hutcheson all took part in the course that had 10 countries participate.

The course was conducted by Master Katz from Argentina (Chairman of the Umpire Committee) and Committee member Master Wallace from Scotland. There was also a special guest present Grandmaster Wim Bos from Italy who is the ITF Director and oversees all of the International Tournaments in the ITF.

The two day course was very informative and full of lots of information and will take some time to put into effective practice.

We will be starting to teach this in classes as well so that the next generation of Black Belts are already trained and ready to go onto the mats.

AETA Umpire's Course Saturday 2nd March 2019:

AETA will be running their first Umpire Course as AETA and this is open to Red Belts and above. It is an opportunity to get some valuable experience and understand the role of an Umpire at competitions, however small or large.
For some, this is soon going to be a requirement before going for your Black Belt!

We are proud to announce that we are represented by:


We are sure that you will learn a lot from the day and we will endeavour to give you class time to practice your new skills.

Half Term Trophies:

We did not do these this time as there were too many kids not always at class to make a fair comparison. We will be doing them for the end of Term.

Vision Inter-Club Competition in Crowborough 10th Feb 2019:

On Sunday, we took a small team of 4 to the first Vision Inter-Club Competition over in Crowborough. This competition is intended to give experience to the 6-14 year old students to help them gain valuable experience and build confidence.
Master Lear had originally anticipated around 30 entrants but received almot 80!

Opening the registration at 08:30, we were soon under way and getting to see some really good performances from all ages. It was nice to see so many kids having fun and doing their best on the mats. 

The way that the draws were done meant that there was a "round robin" type draw and not just a "knock-out" style, giving the competitors more of an opportunity to get into the medals. There were also 2 Bronzes on offer to give more competitors the chance to take home some "bling".

Our Students were rather successful and they came back with:

Jack won 3 Medals
Meadow won 2 Medals
Owen won 3 Medals
Evan won 2 Medals

Well done to you all!

We also had Rebecca attend and gain her first experience in the Umpire's Chairs and to see what it will be like as a Black Belt in the future. Hopefully Rebecca enjoyed her morning.

There are 2 more of these Inter-Club Competitions planned for this year, as well as the 3 AETA larger competitions. Get your entries in when the forms go out later on.

AETA Competition in Redhill on March 17th 2019:

The online registration for this event is now open HERE

End of Term & Student of the Year results for 2018:

End of Term trophy winners are:

Harvey for Tenterden 
Heidi for Cranbrook

Student of the Year winners are:

Kenzie & Liberty for Tenterden 
Evan & Owen for Cranbrook


New Laptop and Software for Class Use:

We have a newish laptop that I've finally had time to set up so that we can now access probably the best software available for learning Patterns. These are performed by Master Suska, arguably the best ITF Patterns Champion ever!
5 Times World Champion and 19 Times European Champion, as well as numerous times his own National Champion. To see more click HERE.

Colour Belt Grading coming up on the 2nd December:

We had a high number of Students go for their next grade on the 2nd, some unfortunately couldn't make it and some were too ill on the few days before.
We had 17 go forward and on this occasion we had 16 being successful.

There are no easy tests here and unfortunately it was one of our most senior grades that was not successful on this occasion. Getting over the disappointment will take some time and we hope he will come back stronger in the New Year.

For the successful students, WELL DONE! There are still areas to improve on but you showed that you reached the standard to hold the grade you now have, and in an association with high standards! You should be proud of what you have accomplished.

So congratulations to:

Alex C
Alex K

Half Term October Awards:

Congratulations to:
Isaac in the Tenterden class
Evan in the Cranbrook class

VTA Competition #3 in Tonbridge on Sunday 4th November:

You have until the end of the 1st November to get your entries in! So far we only have 7 entrants and this is pretty disappointing.

It's like going to School for years and then never sitting a test........................

For those of you that have entered, well done. THe hardest part about anything in life is being prepared to have a go!

Enter HERE

End of Term Awards for July 2018:

Well done to:


We were 3 years old on 6th July 2018

Colour Belt Grading in Crowborough on 8th July 2018:

Well done to the following students who were successful in passing gto the next grade:


VTA Competition #2 in Alton on 10th June 2018:

Sadly we did not have any entrants this time but Mr Hutcheson went to help officiate on the day.

VTA Seminar 5th May:

There will be NO classes on the 5th due to us all (hopefully) being at the Seminar at the Freedom Leisure Centre, Crowborough. TN6 2TN

9-12.30 All Kids
9-4 All adults
4-5 Black belt training

Half Term and and end of Term Awards Easter 2018:

Due to Mr H being away for 5 or 6 weeks, it was felt that we will not give these out this term but will continue with the awards for the last term.

Grading on the 24th March:

We took 20 students over to Master Lear's Dojang for the first grading of the year.

I am pleased to say that all passed. Well done, work to be done correcting and preparing for the next one.

VTA Competition #1 in Redhill on 4th March 2018:

We only had 2 entrants for this one at Redhill but managed to come away with 3 medals!

Karek:     Gold in Sparring, Silver in Patterns and Bronze in Special Technique.

Well done to both for entering.

VTA Awards Evening: 

This evening is open to anyone to attend and is a Black Tie event for the handing out of the Year's most successful students at the 3 Competitions and for those that have passed to their first or next Black Belt.

Details of the evening are here:
Pictures from the evening (Mr H dressed up) are here:

Half Term Awards February and Easter 2018!

Due to Mr H being away most of January and the start of February, Mr H will now only hand these out at the end of Term on 29th and 31st March.

Due to Mr H being away for 5 or 6 weeks, it was felt that we will not give these out this term but will continue with the awards for the last term.

End of Year Results 2017:

The awards for the end of 2017 are:

End of Term Award for Tenterden goes to Harvey
End of Term Award for Cranbrook goes to Evan

Student of the Year Award for Tenterden Kids goes to Evie
Student of the Year Award for Tenterden Seniors goes to Alistair

Student of the Year Award for Cranbrook Kids goes to Heidi
Student of the Year Award for Cranbrook Seniors goes to Meadow

There were some exceptional performances by so many of you this year and it made it extremely hard for Mr H to decide who these winners were.
We look forward to next year and I'm sure you will all make these awards even harder for Mr H to choose the winners!

Grading results from 3rd December!

Congratulations to the following students for successfully passing to:

Alex                       Red Belt
Liberty                  Red Belt
Owen                    Blue Tag
Alistair                  Yellow Belt
Luca                      Yellow Belt
Isaac                     Yellow Belt
Eve                        Yellow Belt
Hannah                Yellow Belt
Evie                       Yellow Belt
Heidi                     Yellow Belt
Brooke                  Yellow Tag
Rob                        Yellow Tag
​Ella                         Yellow Tag

VTA Black Belt Test - 18th November!

Mr Hutchson went to Ash, near Aldershot to undertake the demands of the Black Belt Test.
There were 9 candidates going for their 1st and 2 going for their 3rd.
Starting at 9am with registration and then moving through the day with:
Theory paper
Kicking Drills
One Step Sparing
Model Sparring
Foot Sparring
Competition Sparring (2v1)
Self Defence (against 2 attackers)
Power Tests
Special Technique
and finishing with the Spirit Test

The day went really quickly, with all but the last 3 areas being completed before the lunch break.

Once all candidates were finished, the Examiners went out to discuss our performances and marks accordingly and then shotly after 4pm we were asked to come back into the room one at a time to receive our results.

There was a good pass percentage this time, with 7 out of 9 geting the required percentage in order to be successful.

Mr Hutcheson has been successful and was promoted to 3rd Degree.

VTA Competition in Tonbridge on 5th November!

We had our best ever number of students enter this competition and came back with amazing results:

Dave        Gold in Sparring

Dave        Gold in Power
Heidi        Gold in Patterns
Meadow  Gold in Patterns
Karek       Gold in Patterns
Karek       Gold in Sparring
Alex          Gold in Sparring
Alex          Silver in Patterns
Alex          Silver in Special Technique
Euan        Bronze in Sparring
Evan         Bronze in Sparring

Owen       Bronze in Special Technique
Alistair     Bronze in Patterns
Heidi        Bronze in Special Technique

Jack had an almighty difficult fight in his first round in Sparring - up against a junior Black Belt no less and he gave an exceptional account of himself!

Hannah had a great go at the Special Technique but didn't make it to the final rounds.

Evie narrowly missed out of a Bronze medal in Patterns by 3 flags to 2 in both her rounds. 

William also was in the same group as Jack and had a similar experience as Jack but still put up a very good account of himself.

Harvey was unfortunately pretty ill and could not make it to the event.

Alex and Euan were in the same group for sparring and was a good tussle between them with Alex just pulling ahead on his way to that Gold.

I am super proud of all of your efforts and for entering this competition. It just shows that your hard work has paid off for you all and hopefully will encourage the others to enter next year.

Half Term Awards 12th and 14th October!

Winner for Cranbrook is Alex
Winner for Tenterden is Jamie

VTA Competition - 5th November in Tonbridge

Entry is now OPEN online here for the last competition of the year. I would like as many entrants as possible and anyone with a yellow tag or above should be looking to enter this event. More details from Mr Hutcheson at your next classes.

VTA Guest Seminar on 23rd September 2017

On the 23rd, we had a true ITF and WAKO Legend come to Tonbridge and deliver a special Seminar to well over 100 students. From the youngest of kids right up to the Senior Black Belts. 
Mr Barada is a 3x ITF World Champion, 6x ITF European Champion, 3x King of Taekwon-Do, 5x WAKO World Champion, 5x WAKO European Champion and he retired Undefeated after 84 fights.
The sessions were divided into ages and grades and covered a lot of sparring drills, techniques and applications. The kids even got a chance to spar with Mr Barada individually. 
It was an excellent day, very physical and an honour to be a part of this special event.

NEW Term starts back on the 7th and 9th September - Usual times!

Beginners welcome, we have a few spaces in the kids classes left!

End of Term Awards 20th and 22nd July!

Winner for Cranbrook is Evan
Winner for Tenterden is Evie

Black Belt Test on 15th July 2017

It was a long day and involved 14 students all trying to get their belts but on this occasion the number of successful students was only 50%.

Sadly, both Mr H and Euan were not successful on this occasion.
This has only made them both more determined for next time.

Grading on 8th July 2017

On the 8th July, we had several students go for their next grade: Results will be at your next class!

Ruben          Passed
Theo             Passed
Dave             Passed
Rebecca       Passed
William        Passed
Cameron     Passed
Jack               Passed
Harvey         Passed
Meadow      Passed
George        Passed
Jamie           Passed
Jacob           Passed
Evan            Passed
William       Passed

Half Term awards for May 2017

Congratulations to Evan and Evie

Seminar in Crowborough May 6th 2017

Congratulations to all those that attended this, it was a good day.
Hopefully you all found it fun and useful and had the opportunity to meet some other students from other clubs within VTA.
Details and images can be found here.

VTA Competition #1 for 2017 - Redhill Sunday 26th March:

Well done to those that entered this event!
Angus - Gold in Sparring
Euan - Silver in Sparring and Bronze in Special Technique

End of Term awards March 2017:

Congratulations to Eve and Jackson on winning these this time.

End of December 2016 Term and Student of the Year Awards:

Well done to:
Jamie and Emma on winning the End of Term Awards
George, Meadow, Jack and Angus on winning the Student of the Year Awards in their respective classes.
Good Job! 

Vision at the IIC in Paris November 2016

We have just returned from Paris, having spent the weekend at the 114th International Instructor's Course, which is run by the ITF Technical Committee.
The instruction come direct from 2 Grandmasters and a Master no less and covers patterns, self defence, step sparring and for those going for a belt above 4th degree - a test.

This IIC was particularly special as it was attended by our current 2 Masters and saw the promotion to Master for Mr Lear. We now have 3 Masters within Vision and looking around, our standard is right up there with the finest.

There were over 20 countries represented at this IIC and it was good to see many familiar faces, international competitors, coaches, and friends from previous events attended.

Pictures are in the gallery.

ITF World Cup in Budapest - 11/10/16 - 16/10/16

Vision took a squad to the World Cup in Budapest In October and had some mixed success.
(These are held every 2 years and are open to Blue Belts and above from 12years old right up to the most senior category of 46yrs and over!
If you wish to enter the next one then let your instructor know and we can discuss what's involved)

Seminar with Master Cooley - 24/09/16

Being a part of the very successful Vision TKD, we were extended an invite to all of our members to attend a seminar with Master Stephen Cooley on 24th September in Tonbridge, Kent.  

Master Cooley is one of the greatest coaches in Taekwon-Do, developing the Irish team into one of the most successful on the World stage.

The day was split into 3 sessions. The first was for 12 years and under. Master Cooley had the students perform lots of movement exercises, working on biomechanics and primal movements. The session was very different to anything that they had done before and it was great to see that all the kids (and parents) were hanging on the Irish coach’s every word. Of particular interest was Master Cooley’s use of music during the session to help concentration.
The second session for for the older kids and colour belt adults. The warm up was fast and furious and involved lots of footwork and plyometric exercises.  They then moved on to lots of sparring drills before an interesting burpee exercise to the ACDC song Thunderstrike.

The final session was three hours for the black tags and above. Again the focus was on footwork and movement. The students used hoops to practice footwork and balance before doing drills on the kickshields. Then the last hour was sparring drills, each one building on the next

Vision Competition Crowborough - 17/07/16

The competition had nearly 200 competitors again and over 80 divisions which for the 2nd time this year is the biggest closed competition VTA has run. Unfortunately there were several problems  leading to a disruption to the schedule and some divisions. We started a little later and finished 1hr later than scheduled, which was great going to catch up on earlier in the day.

It should be noted that this year VTA have taken great strides to implement the new electronic system, new categories and a new online registration system.

No other TKD group in the UK would not have the courage to run a mini league system through fear of over running and if you take into consideration that ITF England only had an extra 100 competitors at their competition they ran until 9pm with a straight knockout draw system, then actually we have done very very well in only being an hour behind.

We had 4 entrants this time round:

Mr Hutcheson - Bronze in Power
Mr Hutcheson - Bronze in Patterns
Karek - Gold in Patterns
Karek - Silver in Special Technique
Euan - Bronze in Sparring

Colour Belt Grading - 03/07/16

The Colour Belt Grading last week (3rd July) went well and we had 5 students going for their next grade. 
I am pleased to announce that all 5 passed!

Mr Hutcheson passed another Instructor's Certificate in Self Defence:

Mr H went away over 20/21/22/23 May on a T.E. Course and passed to level of Instructor!
This course has been 6 years in the waiting and will hopefully open up other avenues.

Hoodies in Stock:

Sizes are:
Kids:  £25
M          5/6 years
L           7/8 years
XL         9/11 years
XXL       12/13 years

Adults:  £30
S            35-37 Inch Chest
M          38-40 Inch Chest
L           41-43 Inch Chest
XL         44-46 Inch Chest
XXL        47-49 Inch Chest

VTA Seminar - 14/05/16

Yesterday we had a good number of students attend the annual VTA Seminar over in Crowborough.
This Seminar was particularly special in that it was also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the VTA Association!
There were more students than in previous years and the numbers keep growing.  The students were split into 2 sections, kids and adult grades and the sessions were fast and furious and covered kicking techniques, self defence, patterns, demonstration sparring, boxing, sparring, flying kicks and breaking.
The kids finished at lunchtime whilst the adults continued on until 4pm and the black belts staying until 5pm to go through their patterns.
For those of us that went on to the 20th anniversary party, there was much to celebrate and long may the VTA continue to be a significant force in ITF Taekwon-Do in England.

Umpires Course - 07/05/16

It was a pleasure to attend the VTA Umpire's Course today along with some of my senior grade students.
This event was well organised as usual from our VTA and went through our new electronic scoring system. This should make a noticeable difference to the VTA Competitions with our ever increasing number of competition entrants.
There was a good mix of Black Belts along with our up and coming future Black Belts and a good time was undoubtedly had by all.
More importantly, it gives more students the basic knowledge, understanding and an insight into what the current Umpires do on these events.
Speaking to the Weald students, they enjoyed it and it was good to see them mixing in with the other schools, getting to know more people and really integrating into the VTA family.
Roll on July!

Colour Belt Grading  -12/03/16

On the 12th March, we had a 3 TKD Mini's reach the level of Red Stripe so congratulations go to:
In the afternoon we had 14 students go over to Tunbridge Wells to be graded by Mr Thompson. Passes for:
Brad, Jackson, Meadow, Liam, Olivia, Sammie, Owen, Jack, Cameron, Will, Dave, Rebecca, Ruben and Theo.
Well done to you all!

VTA Competition Tonbridge - 06/02/16

VTA Competition Results from 6th February 2016:
Jack - GOLD in Patterns
Rebecca - SILVER in Patterns
Meadow - BRONZE in Patterns
Ruben - BRONZE in Patterns
Well done to all competitors and we must not forget Liberty and William who put in some amazing performances.


Thursdays: Kids (7-13yrs)     6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thursdays: (14yrs + Adults)  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Saturday: Kids  (7-13yrs)   10:30 am - 11:30 am
Saturday: (14yrs + Adults) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

07919 214 617
We will be happy to answer any questions.
Weald Taekwon-Do
Weald Taekwon-Do was formed in 2015 and has classes in Cranbrook and Tenterden.
We are associated with the highly successful Vision Taekwon-Do Association in Crowborough and ITF England.
Our instructors are all registered with the British TaekwonDo Council, Insured and have undergone DBS Enhanced checks and are First Aid Trained.
We cater for students as young as 4 yrs old in our young kids program.
(Subject to availability)